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2024 Can Art Studio 灿画室

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Spring registration and trial class


Our Classes:

Kids' art class (5-10 yrs old)

  • G1 for 5-7 yrs old

  • G2 for 7-9 yrs old

  • G3 for 8-10 yrs old

Foundation of drawing and color art class (10-14 yrs old)

  • F1 for 10-12 yrs old

  • F2 for 12-14 yrs old

Art portfolio Prep art class for high schooler

Adult art class

  • 国画写意

  • 丙烯色彩

  • 素描课


Trial class for new students:

Pls click here find your available time


Class schedule and register form:

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