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CAN "CICI" CHEN is the founder of Can Art Studio. She has been teaching art since 2015, first in her own home and then in her studio. She lives in Fremont with her two kids and enjoys sketching and painting in her free time.

Cici believes that art education for children is important and that children should have a lot of fun while making art. She encourages children to draw from their imagination and pushes them to be creative in their work.

FIONA FU 毛毛老师 has 8-years of experience as a visual designer in the Bay area and 1-year of online teaching experience in CanArt Studio. She graduated from China Art of Academy and learned graphic design in Academy Art of University.

Fiona has a great passion for exploring the art language with her students. She wants their student not just to learn skills but also good habits, behaviors and attitutes.

Join Us!

​Are you passionate about art education? Interested in helping to create, deliver or support exciting enrichment programs for children?  Please check the contact information in the bottom.

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